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'Nature Spirits' Reading Connect to Mother Earths Light Codes & Energy

'Nature Spirits' Reading Connect to Mother Earths Light Codes & Energy

Dear beautiful soul,

Receive pure life force energy and freedom from the Nature Spirits that protect our Mother Earth. Their sparkling light codes inspire us to set ourselves free. So we can shine our unique light in joy and overflowing abundance. Doing what we love. Creating from child-like joy.

Encouraging us to be visionaries. Creators. Explorers. Healers. Conservationists. Photographers. Film makers. Poets. Artists. Sculptors. Singers. Carpenters, Organic Gardeners.

Benevolent, kind abundant souls. 

Creating innovative solutions for our planet. Living sustainably by following our heart in natural rhythm with Mother Earth. Free to travel and connect with our natural world and other visionaries. Free to live our lives as free spirits. Free to work together as one in unity and love. Feeling the life force healing energy of our fellowship of light.

We are all one. The same life force energy. All here to share our unique Divine gifts. 

Living abundantly amongst wildlife within diverse abundant ecosystems. Living in carbon neautral ways. 

We are born to heal, nurture and work with and amongst mother earth. Visionaries for the new earth where everyone is free to be their true selves. Living life in abundance and joy! Doing what we love.


The Reading is approx 30 mins long. Let me know your situation and you are welcome to ask up to 3 questions. 


Once I have recorded your Channeled Reading, I will send you the recording via email. This is a private link to an unlisted YouTube video. Your video can't be watched by anyone else but you. I will keep your video available, so that you can watch it as many times as you like and you can look back on it in the future, anytime you need to receive the light, healing and wisdom.


I accept all major Debit / Credit Cards & also Paypal. 


If you have any questions at all then please don't hesitate to contact me. You can message me via the Contact Form or you can email me at:-


Love and blessings Melanie x

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