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' The Soul 's Compass Patreon Community '
is a beautiful community for light beings
& mystical souls.
All those drawn towards the light.
I channel the Wisdom & light frequencies
of  The Universe to guide you as we evolve towards
higher states of consciousness.
The pure light energy of  The Universe encourages you to
feel free to be your true self.
To believe in yourself.
To fill your mind with light & joy.
To create from your heart space doing what you love.
To release fear and to embrace love & light in every way.
Loving yourself. Loving humanity. Loving Mother Earth.
We are one.
Living our dreams in joy & freedom.
Sharing the messages of love & peace around the world.
A Divine Fellowship of Light.

If you have any questions at all then please don't hesitate to ask.
To find out more click the Patreon link below

Love and blessings Melanie x

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