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'Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to have several incredible readings from Melanie! She is a truly gifted beautiful soul and I am grateful to have found and connected with her in such a profound and incredible way!
I always look forward to her messages, which are filled with so much inspiration, love and true guidance.
After each reading, I feel uplifted and her guidance has helped me navigate some life challenges with strength, courage and understanding.

If you are looking for an amazing reader look no further. You've found the right person.'

Analisa, USA

'I asked Melanie for a general reading when I was feeling a bit uncertain starting a new stage of life. I thought she might shed a little light on my path. She sent me a video recording offering such love, insight and clear guidance that I was absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. She highlighted aspects of my energy and personality that I might tap into for further growth and expansion as well as patterns that hold me back. She offered specific suggestions of color energies and actions to raise my frequency to live my best life. Her ability to channel messages that are so loving, uplifting and clarifying is really astounding. I cannot recommend her readings more highly. I am so grateful for her loving presence and the love and guidance that came through.' 

Gayle, USA


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